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Who is Orwell

Orwell is a regulated payments services provider specialising in one layer of the banking services stack: the cash management function*.

Orwell offers its regulated service in white label, allowing banks to expand geographically using our cutting edge technology.

*This includes: current accounts, liquidity-related bank accounts and all types of payment services and their related value added services


White Label

Banks are often limited by the size of their home market in their home state. International expansion is no longer on the strategic agenda for most banks as it is considered too costly, too inefficient and only achievable for very large banks. The reality is even large banking groups derive very little to no economies of scale through internationalisation, and this is due to their existing model.

Orwell enables existing bank in the EU or North America to reach more European clients at low costs, utilising the power of their own brand.


PSD2 Compliance

PSD2 compliance is much more than just an API. Orwell offers a comprehensive PSD2 technical solution for banks to meet regulatory requirements and also to take advantage of the business opportunities it will enable.

Orwell provides the capability from Corporates and FinTechs to host applications and great new solutions using Open Banking APIs, within the regulations.


Banking Networks

Digital channels are not enough if the underlying services cannot be offered in real time. Orwell offers the technology to streamline interbanking payment operations while enabling a near real-time cross border, cross currency channel.



Orwell has built and operates a multi country banking service specialising in cash management under its own licence. We have access to local payment schemes, utilise our own bank codes and BICs, and are able to issue and operate fully reachable IBANs.



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